Pick'n'Mix Family Worship

                               (2nd Sunday in the month at 11.15am)
Fun, crafts, drama, action songs and hymns, laughter, worship and prayer for all as we worship God together as a family - a time when toddlers and babies and all ages are truly welcome.


What is it?
Pick'n'Mix is a time of worship for all the family when everyone is accepted and welcomed and can pick and choose from the activities on offer.  We start together by singing a few songs and introducing the theme - then comes the bit the children and looking forward to - the Pick'n'Mix time.  We offer about 8 zones around the church and you go to as many or as few as you choose.  Some zones are based on crafts - usually at least one has something based on food - and there are always some quiet zones for contemplation and prayer such as candle lighting, or a place to receive bread and wine.PicknMix
Why not give it a try?  You would be most welcome!  And if your children are noisy - that’s all part of the fun!
*Please check the Calendar page occasionally we move the Sunday on which Pick'n'Mix happens due to occasions like Mothering Sunday or Easter.